Thursday, 22 February 2018
Dr. Amos Dada PhD, P.Eng Chem Eng Dr. Amos Dada PhD, P.Eng Chem Eng

December 2017 our month of celebration - Dr. Amos Dada PhD, P.Eng Chem Eng

Praise thy Lord!

This is the day thy Lord has made. Welcome to this end of year month, as  usual our month of celebration.
We celebrate God who did not allow us mourn.
We celebrate God for who and whom He is.
We celebrate God for making us in God's likeness and image.
We celebrate God for all his goodness to us in the past, present and future.
We celebrate God for qualifying us to be in ministry all  he has enable us to accomplish for his glory.
We celebrate God for prospering us in health and wealth.
We celebrate God for the body of Christ, growing strong everyday.
We celebrate God for helping us to hold International Gathering of Eagles conference in 12 nations this year as we commence the last nation, NIGERIA today. 

We celebrate God for counting us worthy to impact lives in England, Ireland, Sweden, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone,Liberia, Cote'Diviore,  Ghana and Nigeria all the nations we have held IGOE conferences.

We celebrate God who has made us a channel of blessing to millions of people across the nations : to the Jews and the Gentiles, the Christians and the Muslims, the straight and the curve, the Hindus and the Buddhist, the poor and the rich and more .

Don't make this month your month of presenting God with catalogues (apology to my former HOD, Professor Sanni' tittle of Chemical Engineering inaugural lecture - Catalogues of Alternatives) or baskets of your needs, rather present God with roses, flowers, good smelling aroma of love,worship, praise, thanksgiving and appreciation.  In the precious words of The Psalmist in Psalm 103. Count your blessings and name them one by one. God is Good to you and I.For he who helped you to start this month well will enable you to finish well and strong.Amen.
As thy Lord whom I serve lives we shall cling glasses of joy and celebration together on January 1,2018. Put on your dancing shoes and let us celebrate the uncountable blessings of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords for the year 2017!


Jesus's is Lord.



Pastor Amos Dele Dada is the Snr. Pastor and Superintendent of CAC Bethel Toronto, Canada and the Convener of International Gathering of Eagle Conferences.

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