Thursday, 22 February 2018
Are our Jet-Pastors ready to use their jets to assist in the repatriation of Nigerians back home from Libya?.

Are our Jet-Pastors ready to use their jets to assist in the repatriation of Nigerians back home from Libya?.

This is a question  and I am on tense expectancy of actions from these Jet-Pastors.  We shouldn't be keeping quiet and we should assist our government.

Why is it that our religious leaders patronise the government when Campaign is hot and when the government is in dire need of help non of them shows up.  Wise up my people.  "Our mumu don do"

Crying from the wilderness, Nigerians in Libya are crying for help.  By now the news of The Return of Slave trade must have gotten to our men of God but playing ostrich.  The Politicians who have jets too are keeping quiet, sooner than later Proposals  will be forwarded to the Federal Government requesting for millions of Naira to rehabilitate these returnees.  I bet you Proposals will come from the Politicians, owners of Private Universities - hmmmmm amongst which would be some of the private jet-owners.

My questions are:  So non of our people saw this in their vision? What is wrong with us with going abroad-mentality?  They know who will become President tomorrow but ask who exactly would the President, then you will hear murmuring or see them sitting on the fence. Answer; the person is a man, he wears clothes, God will reveal soon, the man has head, the man has ........... 

My People "e don tey wey I don go church last, small pikin go sey in be Pastor, Reverend, even  some wey never reach my papa age  go say he be G.O. If you go against tithe/tithing na i be say you wan spoil business,  Dem go curse you tire,  if possible dem go send lion to kill you.  Who no like money, better life, carry fine-fine babes, fly all over the world?.  People eyes don open.

When Boko Haram dey hala, dem no release their jet help 

Hunger dey kill people one by one dem say make dem dey pray, and dem dey enjoy falalala

If dem sick na abroad, and dem go say if you sick dem go perform miracle.

Who get better dress, shoe, tie, socks, wrist watch, ring......  

Ha!  my people, shine your eyes. God dey!



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