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Creative, Capable and Credible Artist:   AYO ALADE A.K.A ‘SIGMA FOXX’

Creative, Capable and Credible Artist: AYO ALADE A.K.A ‘SIGMA FOXX’

Who is ‘Sigma Foxx’ – where did the main idea and name come about?

Ayo (SF): ‘Sigma Foxx’ is the identity of my expressive self – it is the alter-ego of my creative side.  My motto is “Smoke a Sig’ don’t smoke a drug – smoke me because I am dope” which is a phrase I came up with to describe my artistic abilities which allow me to influence others and push for positive creativity, motivation, and the ability to inspire others. I see myself as a positive drug that will enhance your feelings and inspiration. I want people to be able to ride their emotions and express themselves to the fullest.  This is just the way I feel and it resonates well with my art.

How would you describe your artistic style or your design ‘ethos’ in other words?

Ayo (SF): Personally, I try to make my art timeless and free-flowing creativity. My art is colorful but poses some dark themes at the same time, but still thought provoking and inspirational. Before I get started with a new concept, I like to start with words that describe my feelings at the time, this allows me to express what the project is going to be about and then I plan the execution of the piece around those words.  I like to ask myself difficult but ‘real’ questions and I tend to find the answers in my own view of the world or when I am deep in thought which I later transpose and visualize in my art concepts.

 Who are some of your favorite artist or creatives right now?

Ayo (SF):  I draw inspiration from anything and from anyone that is dope and is pushing the boundaries creatively. It’s usually anything that I can make an immediate connection with and something that resonates deeply. Right now, I admire a few people and other artists, but I don’t like to be influenced by them directly because you tend to lose yourself and why you do what you do in the first place, so most of them are just points of reference. There are a few people that I reference from time to time like Tyler the creatorStromaeSUPRFISCALOreka James, and Olu Seye – just to name a few but a lot of my work is also influenced by African culture and the colorful nature of my people.

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You had an open gallery this past summer for some of your latest creations, where did you draw your inspiration for your design concepts?

Ayo(SF):  It was my second exhibition and I can proudly say it was way better than the first. The first time was me just testing the waters to see if it was something that could be done, a great learning experience that helped bring the second one to fruition.

I worked almost every single day for almost a year to make the second one a success and bring something fresh that hasn’t been seen before.  My design process this time around varied depending on the piece and the feeling, it was all based on feeling and emotion that translated into my illustrated work – my photography was more conceptual, I like to create an allegory for my work, creating work that may seem crazy but will make sense in some strange way.

I did an audio file called ‘The Ego Pill’ for when I needed motivation and inspiration during the down times in life and I had found that it worked as a pick me up when I was at my worst, so I decided to share it with the people that came to my exhibition.


Click the link below to listen to ‘EGO Pill’ by Sigma Foxx, a futuristic sound blend with motivational undertones:

How do you think ‘Sigma Foxx’ can fill the need for something fresh?

Ayo (SF): Pretty much by just looking for it – don’t wait for anything to come to you just always be searching and experimenting with new things.  Try looking for places where you wouldn’t expect to find answers – try not to put yourself in a box and limit your creativity. This is how I stay fresh and how I am always creating new things.

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 What do you find the most enjoyable part of your design/creative process?

Ayo (SF):  Finding something that may be new or hasn’t been done before, seeing ideas unfold from my mind to physical representations of my thoughts is the best feeling and no words can really describe how it feels seeing a completed piece that was once just a thought or an idea.



How do you avoid burnout or mind blocks? 

Ayo (SF): The ability to experiment with so many different outlets for my creativity which is why it is hard to get blocked, but it is not impossible. Once I feel I am getting to that point with one thing I move to the next and continue to find new ways to create and get my ideas out.

But I usually try to find time for myself when I feel myself getting to a point of complete burnout. I love to play sports and be active, so I usually hit the soccer field with some friends or I go for a run – I find that exercise is a good outlet for me to recharge and reset my mind, especially when I am feeling overworked.

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What are your plans for Sigma Foxx within the next year?

AYO (SF):  Trying to put together a music EP that will document my journey as an artist through sound – I am also working on trying to get out more into the public eye and do some live performances to continue to grow the Sigma Foxx brand.

Something else I am working towards is building a platform for my online store – a place where my fans can purchase my work and stay up to date with what’s going on. I want to also try my hand at modeling and maybe trying to help support other local artists and creatives who are looking to get started.


 Do you have any words of advice for our readers?

Ayo (SF): Yes, I am a huge believer in self-improvement and self-reflection of past successes that have brought you happiness in any way shape or form. These are usually the indicators that you should be doing what it is that you set out to do and you should only focus on what is making you happy at the end of the day. Also, try to seek mentors, people who are already in a position that you see yourself in, and ask for help or words of advice. Always be open to criticism and understand what to take from it to better yourself and your craft.  Being able to take criticism is a superpower and it can add profound value to whatever it is that you decide to do.

Ayo (SF): Lastly, never compare yourself to anyone – no one can be the best at being you and remember that your mind is a powerful tool and will ultimately tell you who you are – you are your own brand.






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