Monday, 22 January 2018


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The winner of Miss YORUBA-CANADA is....:  The Yorubas shine in Toronto.

The winner of Miss YORUBA-CANADA is....: The Yorubas shine in Toronto.

The competition was rigorous with six Yoruba girls from Toronto, Ontario. Canada.  Finally, Miss Yoruba-Canada 2015 has emerged and  she is  Miss Busayo Sogbesan.  The grand finale of the Miss Yoruba-Canada was concluded at G. Lord Ross Park, Toronto. Ontario, Canada.

According to the Judges they all performed brilliantly but there must be a winner. However, they all received their prizes worthy to be taken home and be proud of but Miss Busayo Sogbesa emerged as the No. 1  Winner.  The second winner  also got her prize too but  it was a stiff competition.  The crowd became uncontrollable as the drummers and the trumpeters were performing to high heavens thrilling the competitors and the visitors.  Within a short period it all turned to a carnival-like event.  Duties were left unattended to, Security Personnel watched to their amazement wondering what a unique and co-operative  tribe in Africa with sterling cultural shows as the young competitors dressed in Yoruba attires; aso oke (woven clothes), Sanyan, ankara etc.  The steppings of the dancers were likened to the Miss world competitors, the field was filled beyond acceptable capacity.  The Law-enforcers became visitors admiring the Yoruba and Cultures in general. 

When it comes to Entertainment Nigerians won't disappoint - no matter the time,  Assorted Food, drinks, music, cultures etc.  Last week saturday  was actually an amalgamation of thousands of ethnic groups in Canada as the supposedly Yoruba Canada  Picnic day turned to AFRICAN WORLD CARNIVAL DAY.  It was a fantastic day in Toronto, when assorted Nigerian foods, attires, Nigerian hairstyles, musical materials like gangan - talking drum, sekere, sokorogho etc. were practically displayed in usage.   One of the visitors confessed; "I think it's important to get out there; we have a beautiful country (Nigeria) with outstanding and enviable culture". 

The younger ones danced to the tune of the Yoruba music blaring from the speakers. The beauty peageant competition was great as winners got their prizes with smiles.  Yoruba Students of "Moo ko, moo ka, moo so ati moo gbo" (know how to write, read, speak and comprehend in Yoruba Language) received prizes for knowing the how"s" above (write, read, speak and comprehend in Yoruba).   

The President Chief/Mrs Omisola Olubunmi with tears of joy raised her hands to the sky shouting "praise the Lord" Hallelluyah rented the air - for the success of the picnic which she pinned to every member of the executive, past Presidents, supporters and all affiliates (associations).    

Dr. Reverend Adebusola Onayemi, The Chairman Board of Directors of the Yoruba Community Association shouted "thumb up for you the Executives", Dr. Ola Kassim thanked all and sundry for the noble job well done.  Mr. Babatunde Sekoni; the Managing Director of M&B Foods  refused to let go the hand of The Social Secretary Ms. Monica  Joyce Ayodeji and the PRO; Mr. Debo Ogungbeje for job well done.  The Publisher of the OASES NEWS; Mr. Michael Kehinde Abiodun who is also the General Secretary of the Yoruba Community Association received praises from the Past Yoruba  President Chief Tunde Olagundoye

and Elder Olubunmi for achieving such a big feat.