Thursday, 22 February 2018
Advances in Colon Cancer Cure, Discovered By a Black Chicago student.

Advances in Colon Cancer Cure, Discovered By a Black Chicago student.

Colon Cancer Kills More African Americans:

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer among African American men and women, than in any other ethnic group, inclusive with higher mortality rate. Keven Stonewall, during his first year at the Chicago High School of Agricultural Sciences, attended the case of an uncle of a friend of his, who died of colon cancer. He felt he had to study more about it!

Keven after much study found a link between an experimental vaccine designed to prevent colon cancer in rats at the age at which it was injected. The experience led scientists to realize that a special vaccine was needed for older people.



Keven’s research has won numerous awards and was a finalist for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2013.

Keven continues his research on colon cancer. He says that he can improve and develop his studies even more and better.


Very focused on the studies, he has plans to become an oncologist. Not only do you want to focus on colon cancer, it wants to cure all cancers, you have in mind a more comprehensive plan, to achieve perfection.

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