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Free Medical Mission to Anambra: 2015

Free Medical Mission to Anambra: 2015

Anambra Group introduces World’s 2015 Medical Mission .....canvases for free fair election

A non-governmental organisation under the aegis of Anambra State Association (ASA), has announced a Medical Mission initiative to all its stakeholders, well-wishers and affiliates worldwide.  The group made the declaration at a press release made available to Oases News recently and signed by its chairman Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze.

 The free medical mission to Anambra State which is scheduled to hold between July 1, to 102015 would be sponsored by Anambra State indigenes from across the globe in collaboration with Global Healthcare Foundation and supported by Anambra State Stakeholders World-Wide and well-wishers from across the globe.

 Dr Anakwenze in an introductory note said: “We are a neutral, non-partisan and non-political organization. We do not support any candidate or political party. We work in concert with legitimately elected government of the day, credible NGOs and stakeholders in our home state to “do right” by our brethren in our home state.

 “We fashion ourselves to the roles of an “ombudsman” and or an intermédiaire for the good of the poor and the marginalized”.  Continuing, the group explained that it was not formed by any government but has a worldwide appeal that cut across over 30 Diaspora Anambra legitimately registered Association globally; from Canada, United States , United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Russia, China, Japan, Ireland, Iceland, Holland, Pakistan, India, Dubai, Greenland amongst others.  He said: “ASA-World with its over 27 member countries across the globe has consistently visited Anambra State for the past 8 years to provide free and fair election that respects the will of the electorates as a way of engendering accountable and purpose driven governance, youth and human capital development. “We have also worked with all stakeholders in past, on projects that are paramount to the needs of the people of Anambra State of Nigeria”. 

 In a related development, ASA World has also indicated that there is  no restriction from state of origin as non-Anambra volunteers are welcome as well.  “Primary to this mission are cares for thousands of people needing surgeries, restoration of sights, dispensation of medications, counseling, free prostate, gynecological exams, treatment for hypertension, diabetics, gastrointestinal and other infectious diseases.  “We are therefore, calling on physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, Social workers and other medically affiliated professions and “humanitarians without sense of border”; just interest in service to mankind to join us in freely offering their expertise for this noble mission that will care for the Anambra/Nigerian indigenes requiring medical assistance during the mission”. According to the accomplished medics, the mission is expected to treat all manners of ailments:  “We are anticipating that hundreds of patients will present with variety of inconceivable illness from eye disease ranging from cataract blood pressure, prostate and some and we hope to be ready to examine, treat and perform surgeries where necessary.

“In addition to Medical Mission, our member partners in service organization are expected to bring along their customary Signature Projects” to this 2015 mission that have in the past, included innovation, Science and technology transfer, skills acquisitions /development, vocational training, scholarship initiatives, university to university student exchange program, motherless and orphanage charity missions”.  

Speaking further, Dr Anakwenze hinted that goal of the association is to continue to engage and educate the leadership of Anambra State and Nigeria in general as in the past, on the impact and the significance of involving the Diasporas on issues that are paramount to the growth and Sustainable Development of Anambra State of Nigeria. On the mission and purpose of the medical mission, the statement reads: 

To offer Free Medical Services to the under-privileged

To save lives of the impoverished people of Anambra State/Nigeria and to contribute in the capacity building that is relevant to making Anambra State a "Strategic Asset" in Nigeria.

“Member Service Organizations, in sourcing their minimum contribution of $2000.00 ( two thousand dollars) required of the respective ASA-World member countries in support of this initiative in the intensive campaign(s) required to engender interest in the projects

“By paying $3500.00 (three thousand dollars) required by sponsors of respective towns slated for 2015 mission. Payment must be received by ASA-World Financial Secretary on or before the deadline of April 30th 2015”.

Lastly, among the resourceful persons needed for the crucial event included all Medical and non-Medical professionals, doctors, Pharmacists, Eye, Ear, Nose& Throat Specialists , Internal Medicines, Social Workers, Nurses, dentists, and allied medical field practitioners and all those who are interested in assisting, regardless of profession. Members that are interested in volunteering for this Mission are encouraged to register through their respective organization across the globe

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