Thursday, 22 February 2018
OJB Launches Kidney Trust Fund

OJB Launches Kidney Trust Fund

Babatunde Okungbowa, popularly known as OJB, launched a Kidney Trust Fund last weekend, in collaboration with The Bow Tie Club, a non-profit making organization, according to Vanguard.

The artiste, and music producer, disclosed that the trust fund was established to help people who can't afford the high cost of treating kidney diseases.

According to Vanguard report, OJB said, “The fund aims at raising over N200 million monthly, solely for the purpose of providing medical succor to as many Nigerians who are suffering from this disease as possible.”

“It is in this regard that two Non-Governmental Organizations, OJB Foundation and The Bowtie Club have come together with support from well- meaning institutions to launch the Kidney Trust Fund with the sole aim of galvanizing funds towards assisting those who otherwise would be left to die as a result of their poor financial status,” he said at the launching of the trust fund.

OJB also disclosed that his decision to set up a kidney trust fund was due to his personal experience that involved a kidney transplant in India.

Culled from Nigerian Bulletin

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