Sunday, 25 February 2018
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Omega Fire Pastor Augustine Exposed: The Other Side Of The Story!

Dear Editor,
Please hide my ID for now,but if there’s a need later I will come out In the open. I have a video with me where pastor Austin bazaleel of Omega Fire ministries accused my late auntie of conniving with some of the members who were fighting against the church and also refused to bury her because she left the church.

Those are false allegations and today I can prove that, that pastor was only interested in the givings from his members than their well-being. My auntie was a giver not only to the body of Christ but to the pastor’s household. She was in that church for close to five years and was a consistent member of the church not until when she lost her beloved sister.

After the death of her sister she was depressed,but the pastor did not even care about her,he never paid her a visit to give her counselling as she was in that state but that didn’t stop her from going to church. Due to the fact that she was depressed she did not care much about her appearance so she would go to church in a wrapper, not well combed hair in short, it was so clear to see that she was depressed.

However, she never stopped complaining about how much the pastor and his wife didn’t pay attention to her even when her strength was fading, but she continued going to church. Now 5 weeks before her demise she attended a service at Omega and that was her last day there.

Unfortunately she fell ill and did not attend church for two weeks and eventually she died. The very day she died,I used her phone to inform the pastor so I called the pastor’s wife and told her about it and all she said was “it is ok” in her Nigerian accent.

As a family we thought it was wise to leave the program in the hands of the church but the pastor refused saying she was not a member of his church, it was shocking because she was in his church 2 weeks before she died.

Even when we look at her house it has omega stickers, the house where the home cell meetings for the church were held, she died with a wrist band from omega, her still has stickers indicating that she was a member of the church. We as a family were offended with what pastor Austin said and it was so bad that we had to book a church and ask a pastor from another church to bury her when everyone knew she was a member of omega.

So I wonder why he should talk about someone who can’t defend herself. We look at what he is going through as a punishment for causing so much grief on the family and for rejecting our beloved relative’s body. Actually her 10 year old daughter saw pastor Austin being arrested in her dream 6 months ago and we as a family feel like it is the work of God.

It’s not about zambianisation but it’s also having an aspect of humility and not just praying for people to die by fire.


Meanwhile government says the conduct of Pastor Ebosele has divided the Omega Fire Ministries into two parties. The Minister said the government feared that with the Pastor’s continued stay in the country, the acrimony in Omega Fire Ministries could result into the breakdown of law and order.

She said Pastor Obesele was given 48 hours to leave the country, in accordance with the Immigration and Deportation Act number 18 0f 2010.

Ms. Mulenga also said contrary to speculations, the Government has not closed Omega Fire Ministries and is not against Nigerian Pastors.

She said Omega Fire Ministries Headquarters in Nigeria is free to send a senior pastor to come and help reconcile the membership in Lusaka.

Ms. Mulenga has called on Omega Fire Ministries members to avoid speculation and remain calm as matters are being dealt with the Church membership.


Few days ago dramatic scenes involving some of the church members unfolded at Ebosele’s house in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill as armed police officers sent to reinforce immigration authorities moved in to try and detain him.

The pastor’s pregnant wife, an assistant pastor of the same church was arrested and briefly detained at Kalikiliki police post for obstructing the law enforcement officers.

In the ensuing fracas police lobed a teargas canister adding to the panic as Church members scattered in different directions and some complained that there were children in the house.


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