Thursday, 22 February 2018

Varsity bans male students from keeping beard

The notice purportedly posted in the school by the security unit of the Vice Chancellor orders male students to leave their face clean shaven.
Benue State University has allegedly banned male students from keeping beard.

According to a twitter post by @OteneSam, the institution allegedly warned students against the growing of facial hairs.

The notice which was posted in the school by the security unit of the Vice Chancellor of the University stated that students are expected to always leave their faces clean shaven without any kind of option.

The notice read, “This is to inform all students (male) that those wearing thick beard on their faces must shave them without option.”

The University management has however denies the ban asking the students and public to ignore the story the ban on keeping of beard.

Despite the denial many believe making such decisions is one of the steps Nigerian University management can make to curb cultism on campus.

You will recall that Ekiti State University in a bid to curb cultism warned old students to stay away from new ones. The University also warned the old students not to do anything with the freshers or harbour them in their hostels or assist them in paying their school fees.

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