Thursday, 22 February 2018
Libyan Government Detains Top Nigerian Female Human Trafficker

Libyan Government Detains Top Nigerian Female Human Trafficker

A top Nigerian female human trafficker has been nabbed and detained in the troubled nation of Libya. 
It has been revealed that following an understanding with Federal Government delegation, the Libyan government has detained a top Nigerian female human trafficker, Maria Oda.
According to The Nation, Oda, known in Tripoli as Hajiya Aisha, is believed to have trafficked more than 80 ladies and girls to the North African country.
Yesterday a returnee said many Nigerians remain are imprisoned at a Libyan town from where people connect to Europe through Italy.
Mr Paul Eke, one of the 560 returnees from Libya said in Port Harcourt yesterday that the federal government should “do more by rescuing some Nigerians who are still trapped in some interior parts of Libya.”
He said: “I stayed in Zawe Superata, this place is like an exit point to Italy and so many Nigerians are still being imprisoned there.”
He thanked the federal government for ensuring a smooth return of migrants, adding that it showed the government’s commitment to its citizens.
Intelligence report indicated that Maria Oda was a “notorious” member of a syndicate recruiting young girls for prostitution, slavery, menial jobs and exodus to Libya, Spain and Italy.
According to a top source, Maria is expected to be tried in Tripoli.
The source said: “After being trailed for many months, she was arrested. Her profile showed that she is from Akwa Ibom. She is using the fake name Hajiya Aisha.
“She runs a human trafficking ring in Tripoli and she has remained in the business for many years. She had up to 80 girls under her control. She is detained in Tajoura Detention Centre in Tripoli.
“The Libyan government has lined up three of her victims as witnesses during her trial. Immediately the affected girls complete their testimony, they will be evacuated to Nigeria.
“The Federal Government delegation was briefed about the nefarious activities of Maria Oda.
“I think if the agreement between Libya and the Federal Government is firmed up, the suspect may serve her jail term in a Nigerian prison.”
The Federal Government has been working in collaboration with Libyan authorities to track down those behind trafficking to the Arab country through Niger Republic.”
A member of the government delegation: “We are aware of the arrest of the suspect, we have been told. We are awaiting the outcome of her trial.”

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