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FLASHBACK: Nigerian accountant, pastor jailed for 9 years over £4.1 million fraud in UK

Thursday, 28 December 2017 00:34 Written by

A Nigerian, who works as a school accountant in the United Kingdom, was on Friday given a 9-year jail term by a Woolwich Court after he was convicted of stealing about £4.1 million of school funds.

Dailymail reports that the vast sum of money was missing from the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Federation Trust in South London.

Identified as Sam Kayode, the 59-year old was also said to be a part-time pastor.

Kayode was said to have spent the money on his late wife, Grace, a “second wife”, Olubunmi Halima, 33, and two other female “partners”, names given as Toyin Lawal, 50 years old and Yetunde Turtak.

The court sentenced Kayode, who gets £57,000 a year wage, after he was found guilty of obtaining £150,000 by theft and £3.95 million by fraud.

He constantly looted the school account for 7 years until he was apprehended in 2012, after a school cleaner came across his paper work and made an anonymous call to the Chief Financial Officer.

He claimed to have moved the money to Nigeria where he has a £1 million empire with Halima but the Trust could not recover any asset from Nigeria.

They were, however, able to recover only £800,000 from the total money he stole.

Apart from spending money on his real wife Grace’s private health care until her death in 2013, he also signed documents showing he was making investments with Halima, and renting flats in Kent for ‘partners’, Toyin and Yetunde.

During trial, Kayode tried to blame the theft on his late wife Grace and an office junior, saying that they conspired to smear him by transferring the money to his joint account in revenge for his adultery.

He denied having affairs with the other women, and said that he lied about marrying Halima.

However, Toyin also denied they were lovers, saying that as her pastor, he paid for her rent for one month when she was short of cash.

Nigerian jailed 21 years for attempted murder of 90-year-old woman in London

Saturday, 23 December 2017 17:35 Written by

A court in the UK  on Thursday jailed a Nigerian woman for 21 years over a failed attempt to kill a 90-year old widow and steal her £30,000.

Abosede Adeyinka, 52, who wore a lace disguise over her face when she committed the crime in April, was said to have convictions dating back to the 1990s for offences of assault, burglary and theft from an employer.

According to Mailonline, Adeyinka attacked Pamela Batten, 90, with a knife and a hammer after her husband Ernest had hidden the cash in bags at their home in Yiewsley, west London.

Batten was stabbed in the neck during the attack on April 27 this year and was only saved by an emergency surgery at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.

Adeyinka was the carer for Batten’s husband Ernest from 2013 until his death in October last year, a court heard.

After Ernest passed away, Adeyinka went to the widow’s home and knocked her to the floor.

Mrs Batten told the court, “She tried to hit me with a hammer

“Nobody suggested it but I did wonder myself – I still wonder why.”

Following a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court, a jury convicted Adeyinka of attempted murder.

She was cleared of possessing a kitchen knife after jurors could not be sure she took the blade with her.

Adeyinka shook her head in disbelief as the verdicts were given and wept loudly as Judge Peter Clarke, QC, said she had shown ‘a complete lack of remorse’.

Adeyinka was said to have convictions dating back to the 1990s for offences of assault, burglary and theft from an employer.

The Prosecutor, Kevin Barry,  told the court the widow ‘was afraid to go home’ following her discharge from hospital and now needs a zimmer-frame to walk.

He said, “Before the attack, she felt lonely because her husband had died, but she was not afraid like she is now, he said.

‘The hammer blows to her head have affected the vision in her right eye which is now blurry.

“Mrs. Batten feels that she has changed after the attack. Before it, she was the sort of person who would try to make friends with anyone; but now, she is frightened if someone speaks to her.”

Jailing Adeyinka for 21 years Judge Peter Clarke, QC, said: “Pamela Batten was mentally sprightly and six months after his death she still had no idea that her husband had squirrelled away over £30,000 in cash around the house.

“From what you did on 27 April, there is every reason to believe that you knew more about that money than Mrs. Batten did.

“You visited her about three times after her husband’s death and, although she had reservations about your motives, Mrs. Batten was pleased to have the company even though her son religiously visited her every day.”

Clark added, “Although you were wearing a lace disguise over your face, I am satisfied on her evidence that she called you by name.

“It was at that moment that you resorted to your second plan. You bundled that 90-year-old woman into her front hall and took out a seven-inch hammer from your handbag, smashing that lady’s skull with at least two blows.’

Speaking after the court hearing, investigating officer DC James Harbour said: “This was a vile and disgusting crime on a defenceless grandmother in her own home.

“There are so many factors that make this a wicked attack, including a victim who was 90 and the level of violence used. In view of the age of the victim and brutality of the attack, I am truly thankful that the victim has been able to recover.

“It is a credit to her that she was able to attend the trial in person and tell the court what had happened to her.

“I wish to pay tribute to her courage, resolve and integrity; a stark contrast to the behaviour of the defendant, who is now facing a lengthy term in prison.”

Shock As Deputy Speaker's Daughter Is Found Hanging Inside Her Bedroom By Her Mother

Friday, 22 December 2017 22:00 Written by
Family and friends have been left in serious pains after the daughter of a deputy speaker has been found hanging inside her bedroom by her own mother. 
Natalie Lewis-Hoyle is the young daughter of the Britain's House of Commons deputy speaker was found hanged in her bedroom by her devastated mum.
According to a report by The Sun UK, Natalie Lewis-Hoyle, daughter of MP Lindsay Hoyle, died at the family's home in Heybridge, Essex, on December 15.
The opening of an inquest into her death heard that the 28-year-old died as a result of compression of the neck consistent with hanging, Essex Live reports.
The MP for Chorley's wife, Miriam Lewis, had earlier issued an appeal for anyone with information about her daughter's final days to come forward.
Conservative councillor Miriam wrote: "If Natty contacted you, by phone, text, messenger or any other means on Thursday evening 14th December between 20.00 and midnight please let me know through this page or contact A/Insp Jon Loudon at Essex Police incident no. 158.
"Any little scrap of information may be more relevant than you imagine.
"Her mobile phone is missing and may have been left on the 9.18 from Liverpool Street to Ipswich on Thursday evening. If you found an i-phone please hand it in quoting Essex Police incident 158.
"Natalie is my only child, my mini-me. Please help me find out what happened to her in the hours before her death."
Mr Hoyle had said he was "truly devastated" as he thanked all those who supported his grieving family.
He wrote: “I am truly devastated by the death of our beautiful daughter Natalie.
“Our family will never be the same without our loving granddaughter, sister and aunty.
“Thank you for the kind support we’ve received it is overwhelming.”
An Essex Police spokesman had earlier said: "Officers were contacted by the ambulance service shortly after 6.45am on Friday, December 15 with reports a 28-year-old woman had been found unconscious at an address in the Beeches Road area of Heybridge. Sadly she died at the scene.
"Her death is not being treated as suspicious."
A date for a full inquest will be set on January 8.

US President Banned From Entering UK

Monday, 18 December 2017 22:47 Written by

The United States President, Donald Trump, has been banned from entering the United States town of Greenwich by the Councillors.

It has been revealed that the Councillors in Greenwich, UK, have voted to bar Donald Trump from the borough ahead of his proposed state visit.
According to Reuters, the Labour-run council, at a meeting on Tuesday night, called on the Government to abandon its plans to host the President in the new year.
Greenwich Council said that it had adopted a motion for the state visit not to go ahead, and that “should a state visit go ahead, President Trump would not be welcome in the Borough.” 
Additionally, the council expressed “alarm at the decision of President Trump to retweet islamophobic propaganda” and “sadness at the President’s bigoted attitude towards women and ethnic minorities”.
The leader of the council, Councillor Denise Hyland, said: “On a daily basis we work hand in hand with residents from all communities to ensure this borough is a peaceful and welcoming place that celebrates difference and diversity, but in the case of President Trump we are willing to make an exception.
“We are one of 32 London boroughs, all different, all individual but all home to people from across the world.
“This diversity strengthens our borough. It enriches our lives on a daily basis. And it reminds us all that we have so much more in common than divides us.
“As one of the most multi-cultural London boroughs, we are a place that has worked tirelessly to break down barriers. We have no time for people who want to build walls, when we have done so much to break them down.”
Some thought the visit would be cancelled after Donald Trump and Theresa May had a disagreement over the President’s retweeting of anti-Muslim videos posted by far-right group Britain First.

Source: Reuters

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“Nigerian Women Only Use Oyinbo Men For Money” – Yoruba Lady In The UK

Saturday, 09 December 2017 12:37 Written by

Dartford Rail Travellers Association has shared the video of a Nigerian lady who put her feet on the seat,although it’s not clear if this is what started it to begin with, as the video begins with her calling the man an ‘idiot’. .
She says: ‘Touch me again and I’ll f***ing slap you, that’s why you’re not married!’ He replies by waving his wedding ring in her face, and says his wife is a ‘lovely Yoruba lady’.

The woman says: ‘Your wife is from where I’m from – you know we have the same accent. Trust me, she doesn’t love you, she is using your money, you idiot. Touch me again and I will slap you, the same way your wife treats you at home.’ .

The man disputes this and says his wife is ‘not like you’. She then puts her foot up on the seat between his legs. ‘I’m literally grabbing you by your balls, do you understand this?’ she says. .

‘You know you can’t do sh*t.’ The man laughs and says ‘You’re making yourself look like a complete fool. Just because you can’t respect other people’s property. Take your shoes off my seat.’ She then calls him racist and and an idiot again….. Swipe left to watch the concluding part ..


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Evil Husband Who Used Axe to Cut His Wife 40 times Before Throwing Her Body Away Sentenced to Life in Prison

Friday, 24 November 2017 21:30 Written by
A Birmingham Crown Court has sentenced a man who killed his wife with an axe to life in imprisonment. 
Norbert Chikerema has been sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty of murdering his wife
Norbert Chikerema has been jailed for life after he was found guilty of murdering his wife and dumping her body in a supermarket car park, according to the Birmingham Mail.
Chikerema, 42 was told by the Birmingham Crown Court he would serve a minimum of 22 years after he struck Nyasha Kahari, a mother of four, at least 40 times with numerous weapons, including an axe, before driving her body to Lidl in Tile Cross.
The court heard previously that Chikerema and his wife, also known as Gillian, ran a nursing home business and that he believed she was seeing another man.
On January 29 this year they visited a number of addresses, leaving the last one at 11pm and shortly afterwards the defendant attacked his wife.
She had been sitting in the front seat of their Nissan and he used an axe to strike his wife over and over again aiming principally at the head and neck.
Stephen Davies, District Crown Prosecutor with West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Unable to cope with his belief that his wife was having an extramarital affair, Norbert Chikerema armed himself with an axe, took his wife to an unknown location and launched a frenzied and fatal attack on her.
“This was a premeditated killing where the defendant had taken weapons with him to the scene and used them to commit the crime.
“Our thoughts are today with the family and friends of Nyasha Kahari.”
Chikerema had previously employed a private detective to follow his wife and during the course of that morning had sent a video to a number of family friends of her meeting another man who he knew.
He attacked cars of two men he believed had been seeing his wife with the axe before eventually driving to a Lidl supermarket in Mackadown Lane and phoned police at around 4am.
Chikerema, 42, of Overdale Road, Quinton, had denied murder and it was claimed he was suffering from an abnormality of mind function at the time.

Nigerians jailed in UK for £610,000 fraud [PHOTO]

Friday, 10 November 2017 21:51 Written by

Inner London Crown Court has sentenced five Nigerians to various jail terms over the theft of £610,000 from business bank accounts.

Newham Recorder reports that Victor Oke, 39, of Galleons Drive, Barking, used stolen data provided by Desmond Uyiosa Abifade, 25, of Henniker Road, Stratford, to falsely impersonate company directors via telephone banking.

Once Oke gained access, he diverted funds to ‘mule’ beneficiary accounts monitored by Moses Kuye, 28, of Connaught Road, Silvertown.

Melinda Mensah-Oke, 37, also of Galleons Drive, impersonated company directors when a female voice was necessary, while Arinola Kuye, 27, also of Connaught Road, acted as the group’s money launderer.

They convicts were caught after being spotted by fraud investigators at HSBC, who passed the case to the dedicated card and payment crime unit (DCPCU) to investigate.

Police were able to analyse when and where the calls were made to identify the phones used and from there, the perpetrators.

All five were charged with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation, which they pleaded not guilty to.

Oke was sentenced to four years in prison, while Moses Kuye was jailed for three years and three months.

Mensah-Oke received a fourteen month suspended sentence and Abifade a two year suspended sentence.

Arinola Kuye was given a 12-month community order and instructed to complete 50 hours of unpaid work.

DC Dave Cass, who investigated the case for the DCPCU said: “This was a concerted effort to commit fraud against two companies and profit from crime.

“The police take fraud very seriously and these sentences should send a message to fraudsters that you will be caught and punished.”

Meanwhile, all losses were refunded to the genuine business account holders.

Government bans the term ‘Pregnant Women’

Tuesday, 24 October 2017 10:12 Written by

THE Government has said the term “pregnant woman” should not be used in a United Nations treaty because it “excludes” transgender people.

It is the latest move to extend transgender rights but has angered some feminists who call it “making women unmentionable”.

The statement is in the UK’s submission on amendments to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The treaty, to which Britain has been a signatory since 1976, upholds individuals’ rights.

It says a “pregnant woman” must be protected, including not being subject to the death penalty.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office opposes the term “pregnant woman” because it may “exclude transgender people who have given birth”.

It wants to ensure females who identify as male but have kept their female s*x organs, and can conceive, are covered.

There are only two known cases of transgender pregnancy in Britain.

Feminist writer Sarah Ditum said: “This isn’t inclusion. This is making women unmentionable.

“Having a female body and knowing what that means for reproduction doesn’t make you ‘exclusionary’.

“Forcing us to decorously scrub out any reference to our s*x on pain of being called bigots is an insult.”

Two weeks ago the Office for National Statistics suggested making it voluntary for people to state their gender on the census because it “discriminates” against transpeople.

The proposal provoked uproar with claims that it would make it impossible to plan services for women.

Feminist Germaine Greer said it denied women’s “right to exist”.

The Government is to consult on changes which will make it easier for people to choose their gender in law.

Adults would be able to change birth certificates without a doctor’s diagnosis.

A person who wishes to transition currently needs a gender recognition certificate.

This requires a doctor’s diagnosis and for someone to live as the opposite s*x for two years.

Critics warn that men will get access to women’s hospital wards, r*pe crisis centres, prisons, toilets, changing rooms and competitive sports.


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